A new criminal case started against Mikalai Dziadok

On November 20 Mikalai Dziadok was charged with malicious disobedience to the demands of prison administration (art.411). This became known from a state lawyer, who had been called to attend the procedure. The case was started on November 13. In the near future the anarchist will be transferred to the pre-trial detention centre as a defendant.

Before that Dziadok had spent 8 days in a punishment cell, and was transferred to the solitary confinement.

The prisoner must have been set free on March 3, 2015 after 4.5 year in prison. The new case can add a year to his final sentence.

As you know, the presidential elections are to take place in autumn of 2015. Lukashenko does his best to neutralise his political opponents, especially anarchists, who fight against any power and are ready to act radically.


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(Русский) Николай Дедок снова в одиночке

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Belarusian prisoners’ news. September 2014

Mikalai Dziadok was moved to another cell for 10 people as the former one (where he was doing his time with 2 prisoners only) got reorganised. Right after his birthday (August 23rd) he was put into a punishment cell for 20 days allegedly for not wearing the prison uniform.

Ihar Alinevich works at a lumber production in the new penal colony. On September 24th he turned 31. (more…)

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Палітвязень Мікалай Дзядок правёў 20 сутак у ШІЗА

dedok Палітвязень Мікалай Дзядок, які адбывае пакаранне ў Магілёўскай турме №4, правёў у штрафным ізалятары 20 сутак. Турэмная адміністрацыя пакарала яго за парушэнне ўстаноўленай для зняволеных формы адзення. Пра гэта сайту spring96.org паведаміў бацька палітвязня Аляксандр Дзядок.

Літаральна праз дзень пасля дня народзінаў, 23 жніўня, Мікалаю вынеслі чарговае пакаранне – 20 сутак ШІЗА.

Палітвязень Мікалай Дзядок быў узяты пад варту з 3 верасня 2010 г., асуджаны 27 траўня 2011 г. судом Заводскага раёна г.Менску па ч.2 арт. 339 КК (злоснае хуліганства) да 4,5 гадоў пазбаўленьня волі ва ўмовах узмоцненага рэжыму. Рашэннем суду ад 5 снежня 2012 г. умовы адбыцця пакарання былі змененыя на больш жорсткія, пераведзены з калоніі №17 у Шклове ў турму №4 г. Магілёва. Мае больш за 20 спагнанняў ад адміністрацыі калоніі і турмы.


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Belarusian prisoners’ news. August 2014

Mikalai Dziadok was transferred to another cell for 10 people for unknown reasons. On August 23 he celebrated his 26th birthday, and dozen of comrades responded to the call of ABC-Belarus to send a video-congratulation. The whole video is available here http://abc-belarus.org/?p=4917&lang=en

Ihar Alinevich reads about GULAG and anxiously follows the events in the Ukraine through all accessible sources. He likes the new penal colony more, as now he can see the nature and breath clean air (the colony in Novopolotsk was infamous for its contamination). Ihar writes he has some problems with his back and joints and even asked for special medicine. (more…)

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Comrades from dozen of places congratulated Mikalai Dziadok

Today the anarchist prisoner Mikalai Dziadok turns 26. This is his forth and hopefully the last birthday that he celebrates behind the bars.

At the beginning of the month we spread a call to make a video-congratulation for Mikalai. We are grateful to everyone who answered this call and sent us their postcards. We tried not to alter them and compiled one big video of people saying ‘Happy birthday’ in different languages. Mikalai will be able to see it only in half a year when he is free, but we have an opportunity to enjoy it right now.

Download video with embeded subtitles
Download english subtitles

You can help translating video at dotsub

More videos that arrived with some delay:

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(Русский) Граффити-акция в поддержку политзаключенных

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Поздравьте Николая Дедка с Днем рождения!

Арестованные анархисты на суде23 августа заключенному анархисту Николаю Дедку исполнится 26 лет. Почти 4 года из них он провел за решеткой. Сейчас мы готовим видеоряд из поздравлений, которые прислали нам неравнодушные товарищи. Вы тоже можете поздравить Миколу лично.

Присылайте открытки и письма по следующему адресу:

Дедку Николаю Александровичу

212011, г. Могилев, ул. Крупской, 99А, тюрьма №4, камера 128

или воспользуйтесь онлайн-формой.

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Belarusian prisoners’ news. July 2014



Banner in solidarity with convicted Dmitry Zvanko.05/07/2014 Brest

Despite the fact that court dismissed the appeal, Dzmitry Zvan’ko did not lose the hope and now looks forward to the expected amnesty in honor of 70 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War or parole. But in both cases he should to pay the full amount awarded by the court. A symbolic actions in support of Dzmitry have taken place in several cities of Belarus and Russia as well as the collection of money for compensation. And according to acquaintances Dmitry the amount finally been successfully collected. In the colony Dmitry does not lose time in vain, including engaged in reading, and asked to send some books about anarchism.


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[en] [ fr] Make a video-congratulation for Belarusian anarchist prisoner Mikalai Dziadok!


ачкAugust 23 is not only the day of execution of Sacco and Vanzetti, but also the birthday of another imprisoned anarchist from Belarus Mikalai Dziadok. This is also the first day of the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners. This day he will turn 26 and this will be his 4th birthday behind the bars. We want to make him a video-postcard, where people form different countries and cities, in different languages congratulate him on this day. We call you to record a short video, alone or with friends, inside or outside, using words or showing slogans. For many of you this can be the only opportunity to express solidarity with Mikalai.

We accept the videos by August 1st at belarus_abc@riseup.net, then we’ll make a compilation of them all and put it on our website. Mind that it’s going to appear online, so take precautions if you want to hide your identity. Mikalai won’t be able to see this vidoe in prison, but we believe he will be astonished by it when he gets out of prison on next March.

Mikalai Dziadok is a Belarusian anarchist. On May 27, 2011 was found guilty of the attack on the casino “Shangri La”, the attack on the Trade Union Federation building and the participation in the anti-militarist manifestation near the General Staff and sentenced to 4.5 years of standard regime penal colony for group hooliganism. After 2 years of sentence transferred to a high-security prison.

Here is a sample video by comrades from Zaragoza, Spain


Le 23 août n’est pas que le date de l’exécution de Sacco et Vanzetti, mais aussi l’anniversaire d’un autre anarchiste emprisonné de Biélorussie : Mikalai Dziadok. C’est aussi le premier jour de la Semaine Internationale de Solidarité avec les Prisonnier·es Anarchistes (https://fr.contrainfo.espiv.net/2013/10/25/du-23-au-30-aout-2014-semaine-dediee-aux-prisonniers-anarchistes-appel-a-une-mobilisation-internationale/). Ce jour là il fêtera ses 26 ans et ce sera son 4ème anniversaire derrière les barreaux. Nous voulons lui faire une carte postale vidéo où des gens de différents pays et villes lui souhaite bon anniversaire en différentes langues. Nous vous appelons à enregistrer une courte vidéo, seul·e ou en bande, à l’intérieur ou à l’extérieur, avec des mots ou en brandissant des slogans. Pour beaucoup d’entre vous c’est peut-être la seule occasion d’exprimer votre solidarité avec Mikalai.

Nous acceptons les vidéos jusqu’au 1er août à belarus_abc@riseup.net , ensuite nous les regrouperons dans une compilation et les mettrons sur notre site web. Rappelez-vous qu’elle apparaîtra sur internet alors prenez des précautions pour masquer votre identité. Mikalai ne pourra pas voir cette vidéo en prison, mais nous pensons qu’elle le ravira quand il sortira de prison en mars prochain.

Mikalai Dziadok est un anarchiste biélorusse. Le 27 mai 2011, il a été reconnu coupable de l’attaque du casino “Shangri La” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXKjrVVAHXw), de l’attaque contre le bâtiment de la Fédération des Syndicats (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLNyIpJYz7Q) et de la participation à la manifestation antimilitariste aux abords de l’État-Major (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iQ3kz0hVDM) et condamné à 4,5 ans de régime standard en colonie pénitentiaire pour hooliganisme en réunion. Après 2 ans de sa peine il a été transféré dans un quartier de haute sécurité.

Voici un exemple d’une vidéo de camarades de Saragosse en Espagne. (http://vimeo.com/99720002) Et une autre de Toulouse : https://vimeo.com/101740138



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