Russia: Moscow court extends three anti-fascists’ arrest by three months

On December 14, 2012, Moscow’s Tagansky district court has extended arrest for three anti-fascists who were detained on suspicion of participation in a brawl at Moscow’s Vozdukh club in December 2011. Alexei Olesinov, Alexei Sutuga and Alen Volikov will be kept in pre-trial detention until March 2013, Novaya Gazeta newspaper reported.

Olesinov was kept in pre-trial detention since February, Sutiga since April, and Volikov was detained in November. They reported pressure from Federal Security Service (FSB) and Interior Ministry officers, and threats made by operatives against their relatives.

Judge Marina Orlova did not accept defence lawyers’ arguments that Sutuga suffers from asthma, which cannot be treated at the pre-trial detention centre, and that he has an underage child dependent on him. The judge also refused to accept bail for Volikov, and that Olesinov’s health declined while in custody. (more…)

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Moscow anti-fascist may become permanently disabled in pre-trial detention

Health condition of anti-fascist Alexei Olesinov, who is held at Moscow’s Medvedkovo pre-trial detention centre as a suspect in the “Moscow antifa case” for allegedly participating in a brawl, has sharply deteriorated. Independent expert evaluation, conducted by the Pavlov State Medical University in St Petersburg, confirmed that Olesinov risks becoming permanently disabled. However, the pre-trial detention centre administration has opposed bringing outside doctors to treat him. Opposition activists say that should Olesinov’s health be significantly damaged, active protests by radical-left youth may ensue.

As [Russian business newspaper] RBK Daily reported earlier, at the moment in Moscow and other Russian cities a series of criminal cases concerning brawls between ultra-left and ultra-right youths are being investigated. During investigative actions, law-enforcement officers repeatedly said that they want to prove via a court procedure the existence of the antifa extremist community, which has violent actions against nationalists as its purpose. Law-enforcers consider Alexei Olesinov, also known as Shkobar, to be one of the leaders of the antifa. (more…)

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(Русский) Алексей Сутуга и Алексей Олесинов останутся под стражей до 18 декабря


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(Русский) Арест Алексея Олесинова и Алексея Сутуги продлен до октября

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Join common days of action for Alexey Sutuga, Alexey Olesinov and all repressed anti-fascists

In spring of 2012, anti-fascist movement of Russia has been targeted with new repressions. An excuse for the repressions was an incident in Moscow club “Vozdukh”, where 17th of December, during a punk-hardcore concert, a conflict between public and the security took place. Security of the club consisted of supporters of the far right, and were provoking guests. Due to conflict, concert was got halted prematurely, but the security attempted to take some guests as hostages, promising them punishment from their friends – nationalistic football hooligans. Visitors of the concert resisted, the security opened fire with rubber coated metal bullets, but soon guests of the concert gained upper hand and the security was neutralised.

Alexey Olesinov was arrested 12th of February in Saint Petersburg. Alexey Sutuga was arrested in evening of 17th of April in Moscow. Currently, both of them are in a remand prison in Moscow.

But incident in club “Vozdukh” is just an excuse for yet another attempt to destroy anti-fascist movement in Moscow, and in Russia in general. Authorities of the Russian federation are not in a condition to stop nationalists – they are either ignoring the threat alltogether, or attempt to set up “a controllable nationalist movement”, but in the end these attempts just becoming subsidies of the far right from the state – let us keep in mind the close cooperation between pro-Kremlin youth organisations and “Russkiy Obraz”, which in turn was connected to armed Nazi underground organisation of Yevgeniya Khasis and Nikita Tihonov. But state is harshly intervening against any civic initiatives, which attempt to fight against nationalists using direct action. (more…)

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Anarchist Alexey Sutuga was arrested and remanded in Moscow – help needed

Alexey Sutuga, anarchist, anti-fascist and the member of  “Autonomous Action”  was arrested on Tuesday evening, April 17, in Moscow. It happened during fundraising effort in support of anti-fascists prisoners. It became aware almost after a day after arrest that Alexey is now in the remand prison number two which is also known as “Butyrka”.

The police accuse him of the same charges as anti-fascist Alexey Olesinov who has already been in custody for a month – complicity in the incident at the Moscow club “Vozdukh”, on 17 December, 2011, when the Nazis working for the security attacked the guests of the concert and then blamed anti-fascists in this assault.

Voluntary donations for the support of anti-fascists in detention, particularly of Alexey Olesinov and Igor Kharchenko, were gathered in the center of Moscow, on April 17. The event was organized by activists of the anti-racist human rights initiative “Direct Help”. About 15 people, including Alexey Sutuga, showed up. Two police officers came up to the group at 20.30, according to witnesses. They identified themselves and asked why there were too much garbage around the bench. (more…)

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(Русский) Антифашисту Алексею Олесинову продлили срок ареста до 15 мая


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Incident on the dancefloor – pre-history of the arrest of Alexey Olesinov

13th of February, a known Moscow anti-fascist Alexey Olesinov was arrested in St. Petersburg with charges of “hooliganism”, related to incident in Moscow club “Vozdukh” 17th of December.

The following statement on the event was published by anonymous participant of the anti-fascist initiative “Direct help” already 19th of December, but considering arrest of Olesinov, we consider necessary to pick up the topic again.Alexey had not anything to do with this fight, but it is now used as a pretext to imprison him. It is obvious, that “Anti-extremist center” and FSB are now revenging the fact, that they could not jail him for a longer time back in 2009, when he was framed up last time. It is obvious, that real reason why officials are after him, are the anti-fascist activities of Olesinov during last decade.

Old version of our website is currently unavailable, but some background information on the court case of 2009 is available here:  Fresh news on topic will be available with tag.


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(Русский) Задержан известный московский антифашист Алексей Олесинов


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Prisoners in Russia

Aleksandr Kolchenko Under investigation and in prison. Address: Kolchenko Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, Lefortovskiy val, 5, p/b 201, 111020 Moscow, RUSSIA

Alexey Gaskarov Alexei is in prison. He was sentenced to 3 years and 6 month in the prison settlement. Address: Alexey Vladimirovich Gaskarov, FKU SIZO-1 UFSIN Rossii po g. Moskve, ul. Matrosskaya tishina, d. 18, 107076 Moscow Russia (Birthday 18th of June 1985)

Alexandra Dukhanina 3,3 years (probation)

Igor Kharchenko Igor is in the prison, but he does not want to receive the letters from strangers

Alexey Polikhovich Alexey is in prison. Address: 390506, Rjazanskaja obl., Rjazanskij r-n, p. Sten’kino. FKU IK-6 UFSIN, Polihovichu Alekseju Alekseevichu, 1990 g.r. Russia (Birthday 29th of August)

Ilya Romanov Under investigation and in prison. Address: Ilya Eduardovich Romanov, 1967 g.r., FKU SIZO-1, ul. Gagarina, d.26-a, 603098, Nizhnii Novrogod, Russia

Alexey Sutuga Alexei is in prison. He was sentenced to 3 years and 1 month in the prison settlement. Address: Alexey Vladimirovich Sutuga, 1986 g.r., FKU SIZO-2 UFSIN Rossii po g. Moskve, ul. Novoslodskaya d. 45 127055 Moscow Russia

Stepan Zimin Stepan is in prison. Address: 301654, Tul’skaja oblast’, g. Novomoskovsk, ul. Central’naja, 27, IK-6 UFSIN, Russia, Ziminu Stepanu Jur’evichu 1992 g.r. (Birthday 18th of January)

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