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The situation of Czech comrades in prison: greyness, solitude and hunger

Posted on 23/06/2015, since that time one more comrade was imprisoned.

Non-vegan diet, isolation, boredom, hour and a half of daylight. Meeting people through the bars and hardened glass. These are just some of the conditions our comrades experience while imprisoned. In this article we would like to describe the everyday reality of imprisoned anarchists and outline ways to support them. We call for support of all three defendants and, especially Martin, to whom the few next weeks may be critical. We also call for exerting pressure on the Pankrác prison to respect Martin’s vegan diet and towards improving prison conditions in general.
More about the case on our website AntiFenix.
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Stand of ABC-Belarus on violence in the movement

869_900-oSeveral weeks ago a member of anarchist organisation AST Dmitrij M. was beaten in Kyiv by two anarchists from Belarus, one of them Aliaksandr Frantskevich. As representatives of the anarchist movement of Belarus and as those who actively supported Aliaksandr Frantskevich during his imprisonment we believe it is important to voice our opinion on what happened.

As far as we know after the 1 May demo in Kyiv an active discussions about the demo started online. Later discussions resulted in insults from both sides. The behaviour of both sides of the conflict was far from being constructive; it consisted of constant attempts to offend each other. We have to note that from the very beginning Aliaksandr Frantskevich made extremely impolite (offending) comments towards the participants of Kyiv Mayday demo. Continue reading Stand of ABC-Belarus on violence in the movement

Change of design

GlobalSolidaritySeveral days ago we have switched to another design of our webpage which didn’t change since the very beginning. We would like to thanks comrades who made the first layout: you have done the great job!

We hope that all the visitors will like the new view. At the same time change of the cover doesn’t change the content – we are going to continue our struggle.

In this topic you can comment your notes and problems you have with new design. For us everything works, but maybe something is broken for you?

ABC-Belarus Collective

Poznań – nationalists attack an anarchist squat and café

czy-aby-wszystko-maly_copyOn 7th June Lech Poznań football team won the Championship of Poland. Using the cover of celebrations, far right hooligans attacked Od:zysk squat in the centre of the city. There was also an attack on anarchist bookshop Zemsta: the doors were set on fire and flares have been thrown inside the building through the broken windows.
This is the statement from Od:zysk/Rozbrat squats collectives on these incidents:

Yesterday we were once again witnesses to how being “antisystem” works in the case of the far right. Nationalists, who have been infiltrating community of football fans for years, are trying to use the popularity of football. After yesterday’s match, the “opponents” of power didn’t take the opportunity to attack the building that is represented by Platforma Obywatelska (Civic Platform, the ruling party) – the Voivodship Office Continue reading Poznań – nationalists attack an anarchist squat and café

Belarusian prisoners’ news. May 2015.

On the 3rd of June Bogdan Roman will take part in pre-trial hearing concerning fight with right-wing hooligans. He is entered case under art. 339 part 3. It means group hooliganism with weapons caused injures which shall be punished by restraint of freedom from three to five years or imprisonment from three to ten years. Moreover he is entered case under art. 147 part 2. It means bodily harm made by group which shall be punished by imprisonment from five to fifteen years. Continue reading Belarusian prisoners’ news. May 2015.