Belarusian prisoners’ news. April 2015.

Jauhen Vas’kovich met in colony with his mother and grandmother. As his mother said, her son looks better than before. He sends greetings to all. Parents carried him food parcel, hygiene and Bible. Next meeting with parents is planned in August. (more…)

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Belarusian prisoners’ news. November 2014

On November 20 Mikalai Dziadok was charged with malicious disobedience to the demands of prison administration (art.411). This became known from a state lawyer, who had been called to attend the procedure. The case was started on November 13. In the near future the anarchist will be transferred to the pre-trial detention centre as a defendant.

Before that Dziadok had spent 8 days in a punishment cell, and was transferred to the solitary confinement. The prisoner must have been set free on March 3, 2015 after 4.5 year in prison. The new case can add a year to his final sentence.

As you know, the presidential elections are to take place in autumn of 2015. Lukashenko does his best to neutralise his political opponents, especially anarchists, who fight against any power and are ready to act radically. (more…)

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Belarusian prisoners’ news. Oktober 2014

Ihar Alinevich was put into a isolation cell on his birthday. All in all he had spent there 30 days in a row, allegedly for having refused to clean prison toilets. Recently he was granted a short date with his parents, who informed that he is feeling well and in high spirits. He is up to appealing the unfair punishment.

The amount of debt that Dzmitry Zvan’ko owed was finally paid. Despite of this, the question of amnesty has not been considered yet. In his spare time, he goes in for sports, reads books and learns English. Also, he got a chance to take a large product parcel.

Dzmitry Stsyashenka serves his sentence in the “open prison” and lives in a barracks type of dormitory (for 110 people) and works as a welder. Salary there is very small, but still enough for food. After work, he and all the others are locked in their barracks until the morning. Conditions in the camp, as he said, “basically normal”. No problems arose, as well as violations of the internal regime. His free time Dzmitry spends in the gym, by reading books (from the latest Tony O’Neill – General of the Red Army) and the Internet. Every weekend his girlfriend and friends visit him. Taking into account time spent in a custody pending trial, amnesty, which reduced the period on 1 year, and 4 months held in the camp, 1 year and 10 months is left until the end of the period. In January, possibly, the punishment may be replaced by more soft.

Artsiom Prakapenka have not called or wrote to parents for a long time. “About two weeks there is no news from him”, – says mother of prisoner Violetta Prakapenka. She suggests that his son may be transferred to another colony. Now Artem Prokopenko is in Mogilev colony № 15. Here, after three years of imprisonment, must be transferred another person involved in “Bobruisk case” Jauhen Vas’kovich. “Partners in crime can not be in the same colony, so my son can be transferred to another place”, – suggests Violetta Prakapenka.

Jauhen Vas’kovich, as his mother says, is still in prison in Mogilev. Some days ago she received a letter which was was sent out from prison. “The following letter, as my son wrote, he probably will sent from the colony” – says Rushaniya Vas’kovich.

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Belarusian prisoners’ news. July 2014



Banner in solidarity with convicted Dmitry Zvanko.05/07/2014 Brest

Despite the fact that court dismissed the appeal, Dzmitry Zvan’ko did not lose the hope and now looks forward to the expected amnesty in honor of 70 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War or parole. But in both cases he should to pay the full amount awarded by the court. A symbolic actions in support of Dzmitry have taken place in several cities of Belarus and Russia as well as the collection of money for compensation. And according to acquaintances Dmitry the amount finally been successfully collected. In the colony Dmitry does not lose time in vain, including engaged in reading, and asked to send some books about anarchism.


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Belarusian prisoners’ news. June 2014, Infos sur les prisonniers biélorusses. Juin 2014

In the middle of July Artsiom Prokopenko parents will go to him for a long-term meeting. Administration of Mogilev colony allowed them to spend with his son one day, says mother of political prisoner Violetta Prokopenko.

Artsiom Prokopenko feels fine. “He says that all is quiet. Nobody does not touch him”, – says woman.
Soon it will be half of the term (3.5 years from 7 years), as Artsiom Prokopenko spent in colony. For this reason, the authorities can change the sentence and release him from prison earlier. Police even called political prisoner parents in this regard.

“But as Artem said, it is a standard procedure that means nothing”, – says Violetta Prokopenko. Her son does not expect to be released from prison after half of the term, but parents have this hope.

Ihar Alinevich’s book “On the way to Magadan” is published in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Czech and Russian. The Polish version is to be published by the autumn. The penal colony, where Ihar is confined is to be closed by the end of the summer. The prisoners are already awaiting the transfer to other colonies. Ihar asked people to stop writing him for this reason.

The trial of Dzmitry Rezanovich was to have happened on June 24th, but has been postponed for July 3rd for unknown reason. Dzmitry is awaiting deportation in Russia since March 16.


À la mi-juillet, les parents d’Artsiom Prokopenko vont aller le voir pour une visite de longue durée. L’administration de la colonie de Mogilev leur a permis de passer une journée avec leur fils, d’aprèsVioletta Prokopenko, la mère d’Artsiom.

Artsiom Prokopenko se sent bien. « Il dit que tout est calme. Personne ne le touche. » − dit sa mère.

Ce sera bientôt la moitié de sa peine (3,5 années sur 7) que Artsiom a passée en colonie pénitentière. Pour cette raison, les autorités peuvent lui accorder une remise de peine. La police a même contacté les parents du prisonnier politique à ce sujet.

« Mais comme l’a dit Artem, ce n’est qu’une procédure habituelle qui ne veut rien dire » − dit Violetta Prokopenko. Son fils ne s’attend pas à être libéré avant la moitié de la peine, mais ses parents ont cet espoir.

Le livre d’Ihar Alinevich “Sur la route de Magadan” est publié en 5 langues : Anglais, Français, Espagnol, Tchèque et Russe. La version polonaise sera publiée cet automne. La colonie pénitentière où Ihar est enfermé va être fermée à la fin de l’été. Les prisonniers attendent déjà leur transfert vers d’autres colonies. Ihar demande aux gens d’arrêter de lui écrire pour cette raison.

Le 3 juillet, Dzmitry Rezanovich -en prison en Russie depuis le 16 mars 2014- a été condamné à une amende de 15 000 roubles (320 €) et à être déporté de Russie. La durée de son interdiction de territoire russe n’est toujours pas claire.

La date de la déportation n’a pas été annoncée et il semblerait que ce ne soit possible qu’après le paiement de l’amende. Ses proches ont déjà les papiers pour le faire.

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Belarusian prisoners’ news. March 2014

Mikalai Dziadok is serving his last year in prison; his sentence ends on March 3, 2015. Due to his relatives’ complainst, he has received a better diet which is supposed to cure his stomack illness. As part of the EU program of support of Belarusian political prisoners Mikalai now has a patron for Lithuanian parliament who is supposed to take personal interest in what happens with the prisoner, write him, support his relatives and spread a ‘democratic’ word about the situation. (more…)

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Belarusian prisoners’ news. January 2014

This month there was a few hearings on the case of Brest antifascist Dzmitry Zvanko, but the trial is closed because the complainant claimed he had been threatened on the Internet.

Another antifascist from Brest – Dzmitry Stsyashenka – is accused on another episode, the first hearing was planned on January 24, but it was postponed.

Mikalai Dziadok wrote, that he had received many New Years cards and is grateful to all who supports him. He is very interested in what is happening in the Ukraine and in Rote Flora squat. Recently he has received a small food parcel. Parents also sent him warm closes as his cell is situated on the northern part of the prison and he has to alwas wear cloths, even in the night. (more…)

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Belarusian prisoners’ news. December 2013

Wall_and_treesOn December 12 Mikalai Dziadok was transfered back to prison #4 in Mogilev from Republican Prison Hospital in Zhodino where he was staying since 1st December. In the hospital he was diagnosed with several stomach and intestinal tract diseases. However the full examination was not performed – the diagnostics doctors were on sick leave. So he was sent back with recommendation to pass examination next year (2014) and have one month of extra ration (eggs, milk, butter, juice). At the end of December Nikolai also had a short meeting with his wife, allowed only once a year. (more…)

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Belarusian prisoners’ news. November 2013

Wall_and_treesIhar Alinevich works  as a handyman but doens’t receive his salary, says his father. Ihar has to pay off the damage to the property inflicted by the direct actions, he doesn’t admit his guilt and it most probably the earned money are taken away from him. Ihar is able to buy products in prison shop using only 20 euros. Usually he buys vegetables, fruits (if available), condensed milk, some canned food and hygiene products.

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Belarusian prisoners’ news. September 2013

Wall_and_treesYauhen Vas’kovich spent 10 days in a punishment cell at the beginning of August. He regularly writes and calls his mother. The prisoner prefers not to have a lawyer, because he thinks it is pointless. The next date with relatives is planned on January.

Mikalai Dziadok celebrated his 25th birthday in prison on August 23. He claims to have received many cards and letters, as well as some stationary and empty envelopes, which he values the most. Generally, his health state is OK, however, he has lost another tooth. In the beginning of September he spent 10 days in punishment cell for wearing a sports suit inside his cell. (more…)

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